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While Yates Dry Cleaning offers advanced technology and the latest in environmentally-friendly cleaning science. It is our unparalleled attention to detail and seven point inspection process that elevates our dry cleaning service to the best garment care available in Alexandria.

Our team of professionally-trained inspectors are dedicated to meeting and exceeding client expectations every time, and our multi-tiered inspection process is designed to ensure every issue is addressed every time.

Yates Dry Cleaning Seven Point Inspection includes:

  1. Reception: Our Client Service team is trained to examine every garment we receive for stains, repairs or other anomalies that should be addressed during the cleaning process.

  2. Pre-Cleaning: The cleaning technician team inspects your garment for stains, repairs, weaknesses in the fiber, potential issues with embellishments or dyes, then sorts and classes garments for proper and effective cleaning.

  3. Post Cleaning: Every garment is examined for any remaining stains or necessary repairs to buttons or embellishments, and then sorted for finishing or re-cleaning.

  4. Finishing: Finishers inspect each garment as they finish, press, steam, and tension the garment to bring it into like-new condition.

  5. Final: Dedicated inspectors examine every garment to ensure that it is clean, any additional work has been completed, and it has been finished to the Yates quality standard.

  6. Assembly: The assembler scans garments for a cursory surface inspection as he or she assembles all client garments.

  7. Packaging: As the packager packages garments, a final cursory inspection is performed to catch anything that might have been missed earlier in the process.

We're conveniently located next to the Braddock Rd. Metro station between Old Town Alexandria and Del Ray and have free and parking just outside our front door.


We offer blue express bags to make it easy to manage your dry cleaning. Each bag has your customer information on it, so all you need to do is drop it off with our staff or in our 24-hour drop box and we will take care of the rest.

Want to speed up the process even more? Sign up for our express payment service. We will keep your account information on file to save you time and the hassle of payment each time.

Stop by or give us a call at (703) 683-6103 to set up your Express Service today, and we'll drop a bag off at your local residence or business today.

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