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Yates Dry Cleaning is Your Eco-Friendly Cleaners, Caring for Your Clothes and the Environment

We use two proven green technologies.

  1. Wet Cleaning - Endorsed by the EPA as the most environmentally sensitive professional method of garment cleaning, wet cleaning uses a combination of water, special equipment and detergents to clean your garments without using any hazardous chemicals.

  2. SYSTEMK4 - This non-toxic, halogen-free, biodegradable and dermatologically safe solvent offers consumers an odorless cleaning solution, and ensures that your clothes smell as safe and healthy as the cleaning process behind them.


We're also happy to announce that we will soon be transitioning completely to using bio-degradable plastic garment bags.


Finally, our cleaners is heated and cooled by LEED Gold Technology using Geo Thermal Systems and Energy Star Units. 

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