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About Yates Dry Cleaning

Episcopal High School has partnered with Yates Dry Cleaning to provide dry cleaning services to students this year. Yates Dry Cleaning is a local, family-owned business that provides eco-friendly dry cleaning, free pickup and delivery services, and receives excellent online reviews.

How the Service Will Work

Once you create an account for your student, they will receive their own personal Yates Dry Cleaning Bag. The student’s name and account number will be on the bag tag.

Students simply need to place any items they would like dry cleaned into the bag and place it at the designated place in their dorm. Bags will be picked up/dropped off every Tuesday and Friday by 9:00 am. They will be returned on the following pick up/drop off day (e.g. items picked up on Tuesday, will be returned on Friday). The student’s account will automatically be charged.

If you have any question about the service, please call or email Yates Dry Cleaning at (703) 683-6103 or

Benefits of Creating an Account

With a Yates Dry Cleaning online account, you will be able to:

  • View the status of your orders

  • View invoices

  • Sign up for Free Delivery and Pickup

  • Change your contact and payment information

  • Contact the Manager

  • And more!


Please read the instructions and create an account. 


Returning customers can log in to your account here.

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